Equality Can't Wait
At the rate we’re going, it will take 208 years to achieve gender equality in the U.S. But we have the power to change that. If we act now, we can see equality in our lifetimes.

Equality can't wait.
Maya Rudolph shares why waiting 208 years for gender equality is no joke.
It's no joke.

Don't wait. Stand up.

A woman points at a graph which shows the United States ranked 98th in the world for women's political empowerment


That’s how long it will take to achieve true gender equality in the United States.

If we don’t speed up the pace of change it will take 208 years to reach gender equality in the U.S., according to the World Economic Forum. That’s 208 years in which women’s opportunities will be limited and the U.S. will be robbed of the full benefit of women’s talent and ingenuity. Every one of those years is one year too many.

WEF’s Global Gender Gap Report, which tracks gender-based social and economic disparities in 149 countries, measures four areas:

Let’s make gender equality happen in our lifetime.

Together we can shorten the timeline, but we need everyone’s help to do it. Here’s what you can do.
Take Action
Margaret Cho shares how comedians can participate in bringing down gender inequality

Comedians, don't wait. Stand up.

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